This page is a compilation of my best links and sources of knowledge, managed by my favorite authors/leaders/agencies. Every time I visit these links I always learn something new. So I love sharing them with you!

Books & Podcasts

Book Summaries by James Clears, Master of Atomic Habits

Best Books Recommended by James Clears

What you will learn, Book Talk by two buddies. One of the best resources for book reviews and summaries. I love to sneak around their bookshelf. 🙂 They provide summaries of books in every genre (nonfiction) that you can get the main idea about the book before you buy one. They also interview top writers in our time that you can learn a bunch.


Economic Policy Institute provides research studies of economic trends and policies on working people in the United States. If you want to understand ordinary Americans’ living. This link is for you.

Inside the wealthiest‘s mind by Kantola, Anu. published displayed the gloomy emotions towards the rest of the population. This study was done in Finland where is one of the most countries with high equality with advanced educations, the safest health services, and beautiful natures. But what is in their mind of the top wealthiest people in Finland, of how they feel about themselves and their society, was interesting.

Chicago Booth Review provides research-based content on economics, behavioral science, marketing, entrepreneurship, and public policy.

American Wealthiest by Chicago Booth talks about the top 0.01% people on what they do and. how they do it.

Income inequality report in Germany, Inequality situation in Germany

Gender and skill gap in digital age (Germany)

Wealth distribution (Germany), The Distribution of Wealth in Germany, 1895 to 2018

World Inequality Database, World Data – income inequality

Financial & Investment

Business Insider – study what wealthy people do

Forbes – see the Billionaires’s world in a close-up perspective

Gardening & Self-sufficient practice

Permaculture – companion plants help each other grow and add more taste!

Companion plants – guide to your permaculture practice

Self-sufficient me – my favourite YouTuber, the self-sufficient guy. He lives it and teaches it!

Slug-resistant plants

Slug-proof flowers by – My garden never lacks of slugs. This website is the one I live by.

When & what to plant in Germany – planting calendar


ภาษาไทย มัธยมศึกษาตอนต้น โดย ครูวิกานดา นกศรีแก้ว

Sanskrit consonants

Sanskrit grammar

Sanskrit vocabularies (with picture), cards, & games

Plants & co.

Fruit & Nut Research & Information – Provide free research on plants by UCDavid

Apple species with pictures (EN)/(DE)

Pick your own – Apple varieties with picture

Apfel- und Birnensorten

Scientific study & the use of apples

Tulpen & co. shop

Erntezeit der Blaubeere– Sorten im Überblick

Succulents & Cacti

Winterhart Kaktus Shop (DE)

Uhlig Kakteen Shop (DE)

Freilandsukkulente (DE)

Writing & Self-publishing

Kindlepreneur is my favorite source to learn about self-publishing on AmazonKindle. The content covers all you need to know, tips and tools from starting to publish.