Projects of Interests

Writing Project

Book ideas

  • At the end of empath mind/when empath care no more/when empath turn their back/
  • A book about suicidal mind
  • Why living in Thailand is happier than in Germany
  • Dream Collections: Dream Logbook: Short stories
  • The quest of the narcissistic mind
  • Domestic violence in Germany (write like a fiction, at the end tell that this is a true story)
  • Why I hate life in Germany with a German narcissistic
  • Can an extremely introverted be an extreme leadership?
  • Memoir how one person can change your happiness status (I am the first Thai woman who published a Memoir written in Germany that called for gender equality, woman’s rights, human rights.)
  • In the quest of finding a job in Germany (Memoir), my goal is to apply to 100 jobs. If nothing happens I’ll move to another country where it gives me an opportunity to use my skills.
  • Want to succeed in marketing about anything? Then talk about marketing itself.
  • How to write a memoir (good reads for memoir)
  • How one person can trump your life completely in every aspect of it and how you get away from this pitfall
  • Why we can’t say no while others can. The biggest mistake I have made, throwing my life to waste by manipulating man.
  • Someone who can’t say no. And I know when it was too late. A Codependent. dependent personality disorder
  • Death, Abusive, and Immigrant
  • When empath turns cold
  • My artist soul is howling
  • Dream Logbook Project
  • Self-Experiment Series: experiment any things in life and record it
  • What Billionaires do, can we do that? (Business, Financial and wealth)
  • The world without a woman
  • Extinct species
  • Extinct woman
  • Write about Femtotechnology
  • Write about Picotechnology
  • Plant my food 2021 (food creating journey)

Reading Project

12 books in 2021

  1. Talking to Strangers – Malcolm Gladwell (rated on January 29)


1.Writing channel (document each day of my writing, record video during my writing process, )