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Behind the house

For one can think deliberately and well, he must gain the proper education. Everyone should get access to resources at all times.

The Author

Sue Bunthot is a writer and indie blogger under Cally Blind at Keedkien and Gingago.

She believes in an interdisciplinary mindset and attends toward liberty, particularly freedom of the human mind where one can roam about anything, anywhere, and anytime. 

“I wish everyone recognize their independence and use it correctly and beautifully.”

Every one can imagine freely. But what if he thinks rightly and liberally at once! Would that be even better?

Sue’s mission

To bring equality to human society through education.

As she said,

“I protest inequality and uneducated mind. I want equality for all and I believe education will bring us there. I see that it is easier than before since we are in the digital age. Almost everyone has access to a smartphone and the internet. I know what I have been seeing in the dream is coming closer.”


Consequently, this site began. It is a platform to serve ideas, wisdom, and knowledge. And it is free!

Sue wants to encourage people to look at a problem and question it.

“Some problems are valid, thus we can solve them, but some are not. We have to recognize if it’s a real or just the mind-problem.”

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