[Book Review] Entangled Life: How fungi make our worlds, change our minds & shape our futures by Merlin Sheldrake

Title: Entangled Life: How fungi make our worlds, change our minds & shape our futures
Author: Merlin Sheldrake
Theme: Biology, Fungi

How much do you know about the world under your feet?

This book focused on tiny life forms under the ground which we might or might not see in daily life. Most of the time they hide, sometimes they show up. 🙂

Merlin Sheldrake will take you to travel the world under the ground in a mysterious, fun, and exciting way at the same time.


If you are mushroom enthusiastic, I recommended you read it. If you are not, I would still recommend you read it. Because then you will look at the mushroom differently.

This book is about fungi (mainly) with a little touch of lives in a big ecosystem like a forest.

It’s a pack of stories about how these tiny lives began and so on. Even though Sheldrake digested and replaced with a beautiful explanation for everyone to enjoy the journey, even it’s full of scientific information.


This book contains eight chapters. You can shuffle your reading regarding your interest. But it is more fun to read in order. Somehow skip the chapter will not make you confused.

Each chapter contains research work (summary) and makes up a story on its own. You will easily connect the dots while reading. It will make you more open up to the field of biology and enjoy reading and questioning the world around you.

He compiled quotes from many great authors and scientists around the biology world as well as the fantasy world. That makes you want to read more books. (As I finished this book today, I am heading to a town library to borrow a book by Tolkien, the author of Lord of The Rings.)

This book-length is 229 pages. It provides notes and a bibliography at the end. In case you are researching a particular topic. The index is at the back of the book.


I read the English version. (English is not my native language.) I find it easy to understand. Since it lies with stories.

I love how he compiled the stories altogether. It did not make me confused. I had to take a break after finishing each chapter because it’s packed with the information (which I needed time to reflect on and digest.)

Somehow you can also read to enjoy the story (without making a pause as I did), it is doable as well. But I was kind of deeply into it because I am always interested in the world of this tiny organism. There are many aspects I wanted to understand more.

Out of eight chapters, I enjoyed The Intimacy of Strangers and Before Roots the most.

I find this book was well written, well explained, and enjoyable.

Extra point

Not only you will fall in love with these tiny lives, this book, and his writing. You will also fall in love with the author’s personality that shines from this book.

Hence 5/5 for this read. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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