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Review of First Person Singular

I picked up this book and read it without knowing it was Murakami’s own story (blind reading). Until the third story, I then realized this was his. (According to the title of the book, I should have known that 😶 )

It’s like a Memoir, but it’s not exactly the same. Because in the end, I really don’t know if the story he’s telling actually happened or it’s just his imaginations!?

Some stories were unbelievable which made you think they could not be true. This may be Murakami’s writing style, which makes the reader ponder rather than comprehends. (Which happened to me.)

His storytelling style is simple. Sometimes it’s boring. But in the end, there is something interesting and it will keep you thinking about it for a while after reading it.

For this book, I rated it 3.5/5 (overall).

Why am I still reading Murakami’s work?

His writing doesn’t make me feel ‘fun’ reading it, but it’s weird that some parts of the stories make me curious. That I had to keep reading.

I’m not a big fan of Murakami, this is the second book that I have read. I still can’t say I like it.

One of the important parts that make me want to continue reading Murakami’s work is the language. He uses simple words with modest explanations. (I read the translated version and I chose to read his work (in the first place) because I wanted to learn a language that I was not familiar with. And reading novels help me learn the language better.)

Although the story in the book is not very interesting to follow. But it’s because of the weird thinking and absurdity (& the words that I have/would never/be learned in daily life.) That I need to find out the meaning to understand the story. I can say that Murakami’s work made me memorize new words (in a weird but effective way.)

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