Rise And Fall: The Sign Of Viability, Sign Of Life

Once you understand how nature works, you understand life.

Uncertainty‘ is one of the strongest words that I have been learning during my entire lifetimes.

It is not only the heart of Buddhist principle.

But it is the law of nature long before everything exists, until becoming the planet earth and becoming the world to you.

The nature rule is that simple. It holds one word ‘uncertainty’.

This law never changes.

Look at things & lives around you. While it screams ‘uncertain’ into our face.

Yet the word ‘uncertain’ itself is the most certain thing I’ve ever learned.

Surely, nature demonstrates the rule of ‘uncertainty’ every day.

Though some of us might see & understand, some might not.

But once you truly understand this one rule of nature, you then understand life.

Rise & fall is the life sign.

It is the sign of viability.

Whose life is falling, that’s the sign of life. Whose life is rising, as well, a sign of life.

Why do you scared of the rise and fall, human?

It is normal.

It is nature.

It is Dhamma.

And that’s Dhamma-Chaatti.

A man who understands self, understands nature.
Hence he understands life.

Why do I write about this nature’s law today?

That’s just because I’m working with nature. As of this time reminds me of this truth again. (Especially, while I was working here in this video below, at 6:36 I mentioned it.)

I’m grateful for it and I can’t resist to share this with you.