From The Guardian Of Livings On Earth To The Smokers

Dear smokers,

If you want to destroy yourself, I’m not going to argue about your personal choice. But don’t destroy me.” – the voice of plants, animals, organisms in nature.

One day I had a friend of my friend visited the homestead garden. He is a smoker.

I don’t like the idea of people smoking in the house. Well, the garden is open-air so he smoked and that’s fine.

I didn’t complain about it.

I am usually tolerant, I don’t smoke and I never like the smell of any kind of smoking. But I let people smoke in my space.
The thing I have to do after is cleaning up their cigarette butts!

It’s ok. I will not complain only if he puts the cigarette butts in the appropriate place.

Last time, though, after he went home. I continued working in the garden taking care of things and my plants.

I walked down to the front area of the basement (under the balcony). There are flower pots in that area.

I then started to take care of things around there and cleaning up.
It was just halfway and I saw a cigarette butt in one pot.

It might sound normal to you.

For me? No! I was angry. I carried so much anger that the human has done this thing repeatedly to nature.

They smoke, but after their action. They toss the cigarette butts everywhere: on the streets, in the forest!?

Of course, trees, plants, animals cannot speak for themselves. It seems no problem but it is.

I was thinking after I saw this repeated.

What would I suppose to do?

If I say I don’t want you to smoke in my house, I don’t want you to smoke in my area. Does that deprive their liberty?

But why can they deprive the rights of other livings like this?

Tossing the cigarette but into nature, destroys nature?! This human calls for the rights and freedom of speech and actions. Yet, deprive other livings by doing this kind of thing.

I was thinking. Next time when this kind of person visit.

I would tell him/her to collect their cigarette butts and bring them home.

If you want to smoke, then smoke. But clean up your s**t and toss the cigarette butts in your own home.

If you’re a smoker and read my message.

I’m not sorry that I write this message.

I don’t hate you as a smoker or as a person. Smoking does not define you as a good or a bad person.
But I hate your action of ignorant. (Not all acts inappropriately.)

If you hate me for this is fine. I accepted the sequences of my action (of speaking on this issue) and I am happy about it.

I speak for other livings that cannot speak, like plants, organisms that you don’t see, and animals, etc.

If you think you do it better than me, then do better, please!

With respects,
Guardian of livings on earth.

Human, watch your karma. It either helps you grow or destroys you.
It’s all your choice.