This Is A Magic Stick! Updates On My Homestead Garden Project!

Last year I’d been working with traditional plant bed which I mention in this video.

We had plenty to harvest from one bed in 2020. Though I wanted to expand the plantation area.

Why I need more bed?

I was thinking about having more herbs in my garden. Because herbs are the magic plants that I love. (And of course, more veggies!)

Not only herbs are used as a home medicines but they also help pets/flies control in the garden! Since I wanted to plant more diversity veggies in my garden and at the summer, as I observed from the previous year, there were fies attack many of my veggies (except for slugs!)

So here are the reasons I wanted more bed (and I am planning to do more):

  1. More food to harvest, save more money on foods
  2. Create more diversity into the garden
  3. Create friendly environment for animals/bees in the garden (diversity in plant/ animal/microorganisms)
  4. Build the healthy habits that help me both physically & mentally
  5. It’s my happiness to see things grow from seed to plant, it’s magic!
  6. This is one of the sustainable practices of mine!

However, I don’t want to dig up the grass this time. I decided to go with a no-dig method, I mention in the previous post.

And here I am!

Today the new no-dig bed is ready! The good thing about this bed is once you placed the soil+compost. You can just plant your veggies/herbs etc. just right away!

And I did!

After finished up my bedding area. I transplanted some seedlings and young plants that I had and sowing seeds into the bed. I am still learning about it though but as far as I know it’s fun!

Just take a look how my easy-made bed looks. I’m sure you will get inspired, that will make me even more happy!

Remember when you want to start gardening/plant your own food. It doesn’t have to look so neatly, beautifully or professionally. As long as it function to serve it purpose. That matters! Improve comes with time!

Report from the south side, Germany.

Daughter of The Soil