A Thought On Sunday | New Youtube Video Updated

Good morning Sunday!

Sempervivums in my garden are incredibly expanding! I’ve never seen a flower from them yet. But I learned that this plant once they flower, giving seed, then the plant will die after.

Like humans, right?

We are born, aging, giving babies, sick then die.

I meant the traditional ones. These days are a bit different though. There is a huge ratio of humans who choose to live lives and die without reproducing.

I don’t think it’s wrong.

Everything that happens, by the time, is a part of nature. At some point, when it’s too overcrowded, all the livings start to control themselves (or by other species as well e.g. virus vs. human, virus vs shrimps.)

It is the natural process of ‘population control’. This process a repeat. Though humans feel weird & sad about this only because they have perception. While plants, organisms, & animals might or might not have this system in them (the perception, awareness, etc.)

Probably, yes or no… we do not know…

But nature continues doing its job no matters how this thing makes you feel.

(9. May. 2021)

It is over 20 degrees Celsius today. Under the sun like this probably 25 (that’s how I feel).

My main mission for today is to expand the veggies plant bed. This year I wanted to experiment with a different approach.

Last year, we amend the soil, dug, and flipped the grass. And we put the collar to protect slugs. (Slugs are very ingressive in this area.)

As you see now in the front of the video. (The on that cover with a black sheet.) That bed is (supposed to be) a slug-proof bed.

Does it work though to keep slugs away?

Not really. I meant, they were laying eggs already inside the bed. We could not get rid of them completely before start growing veggies. I found plenty of them eating my cabbages & kales, like a troop! Honestly, I was scared.

Well, I learn over time. They hate some plants that have a strong smell like herbs as well as hairy plants.

So I have a plan to grow more of those plants this season. Especially in the slug-proof bed, by the end of this year, I’d grow garlic, onion & herbs in there and leave them over the winter.

When the new growing season hits. I hope that slugs in the bed would flee away.
If not, I’d repeat the process in another year.

How I make plant bed this time

Last year we covered the slope (the area in front of the basement) to get rid of wild blackberries. They all died after covering with a sheet for (almost) one year. Since they lack sunlight, they couldn’t produce food.

I then think that would work with these grasses area too!

If I cover them from sunlight, grasses couldn’t grow. So I just blurry them under the bed.

I started researching as well. I saw this method is very popular called ‘No Dig’ by Charles Dowding. He wrote many books as well. You can find it here.

It’s the same strategy that I explained above about cutting light from grasses and weeds. They won’t grow. Dowding tried different methods to cover the ground: plastic sheets, cardboard.

But I want my plants to be able to dig their roots into the ground later when the paper (that covers the grass) on the ground decomposes.

So I choose to cover the area with cardboard.

Right not I have a limited amount of cardboard and paper. Though when I have more, I plan to expand the plant bed area by doing the same. Just laying the papers overlap to each other, then topping them with soil and you can already plant on it.

Easy, isn’t it!?

After laying the cardboard, I used leftover pieces of wood placed around. Some of them I placed inside the bed since they started to decompose already. The (previous) owner of this garden left a pile of woods unprotected. They got wet & mold. Finally, decomposed.

They are not good for making fire anymore. So I took them and use them for another purpose like this…

I have also branches collecting from around the garden.
Some of them are too long.
I’d cut them short.

Then I put them under the new bed.

You can put old leaves, branches, anything that can naturally degrade including food scraps.

It’s baking in the late afternoon. I couldn’t work under the sun any longer.

Even the bed was not completely built. I would continue the next day.