What Happens When I Watch This!

This happens when I was watching this video from Rob Greenfield. I almost got into tears. Not because that I’ve found myself, enlightened or anything that way.

But.. this video brought me back to my home, my childhood, to where I was growing up.

The way he walked, sit anywhere he wanted, plucked & eat everything he wanted. That how my childhood was. And now I damn right miss it!!

This video brought the moving of my childhood entirely. After I moved & now live in Europe, the fact that how fast the world changes made me torn.

Look at this @ 5:09 that’s how I sat.

On the day that rain was heavy raining with a strong wind blowing, my brother & I used to run with bare feet to collect the fallen mangoes in the temple area near our house. (The wind did the job of harvesting mangoes from the tall tree for us.) And it’s not stealing because those mangoes are for everyone. If we (& no one) didn’t collect them, they would just gone waste.

We invented the mango game. Each of us would run into grandma’s house to pick our baskets. Then the game began. Who collected more mangoes, got to be a winner. Running into the forest under the rain with slippers was not an option. Always bare feet with sharp eyes, one handheld a basket.

We were soaked with rainwater after got home with the baskets full of mangoes. Oh, those mangoes were brought to grandma. Then she would make mango sheets for preservation (because we had tons of mangoes each year.)

I didn’t know why we did what we did back then. I know only one thing. It’s super fun!

I consider myself had the best childhood ever!

We were living lives fully when we were children. After the harvest season, there’re straws left in the field. Before the winter hit. We would go out with friend at night, just to lie down in the field feeling itchy from the straws under our back. But that didn’t disturb us at all. Instead, we enjoyed watching the star at night.

In the rural, dark is dark. There’s not so much light at night (like in the city) to disturb the wild lives (animals until insects). Once you lie down on the field, with that moment. You are living in a dream (which is real). Everything else is dark that it makes you feel like you’re floating in the space, playing with those stars.

Some night we would let a kite up in the sky and listen to the wind.

I’m scared right now. To learn that this kind of life might not exist anymore after, probably 20 years or might be 10 or 5 even.

Now I really, truly want to go home. Live life like my childhood again and forever. Because there, the world will never let you hungry…