One Question You Should Be Asking Yourself Frequently

How much do you know matters less than how you take action and make benefits to others.

Knowledge has no benefit if you do not apply them.

If you learn something, you know something, you should do something about it. Either take action by yourself or give it away your knowledge so others can get benefit from it. Otherwise, what you know becomes ash.

I have been realizing day by day that I have learned so much for over thirty years of living this life. Something less, something more. But I’ve been always questioning myself: what is the benefit of learning a lot, know a lot but that knowledge does not apply to any part of my life or give benefit to anyone? If the knowledge advantage to nothing, it means nothing…

Definitely, one man can learn a lot, most of the issues in life. But to apply all and build things from it all alone seems impossible. In case you are the person who loves study, who loves learning many different topics. This might give you some thoughts. Because I am that person. I am good at learning and I love learning. Because I just love to know!

I’ve been realizing it the first time when I was in the point of life to choose to continue walking the same path or change to another. Well, as I said. I love learning… so my heart goes always to learn more, to move, to do something different than what I usually do.

I was a medical technologist. If I followed my path of becoming a medical technologist after graduated with my degree. I would be doing a routine job in some of the clinics or in the hospital right now.

The last year in college, we were working in a real situation (intern). I actually enjoyed it. But I thought ‘do I want to do this all of my life, every day?’

I didn’t answer it right away. However, something answered for me.

I continued directly doing my master’s. (Because I love studying, I love learning! That’s all in my heart. And I did not know back then. Well, if I knew earlier about all of this, I would have not doubted myself too much. Back then I questioned myself a lot if I chose the right path. I sometimes did chose to do it without knowing 100% if it’s completely what I really want and what’s the reason behind it. I knew I have some reasons but I have never felt (truly) settle about them.)

Well, I realized later (about ten years later about the ground reason why I did what I did. Right now at this point I never regret it and happy about it which I should be happy about it long time ago that I chose the right thing to do. The right thing in my concept means ‘right to me’ and ‘fit for me’. The right thing is a different thing for different individuals. My ‘right thing’ might not be ‘your right’ thing because we have different grounds.

Somehow, those question is still with me all along about ‘what is the benefit of learning a lot but does not apply.’

I then asked myself more often What should I do about the knowledge I have been learning?’ I know in my heart that we should not let the knowledge turn to ash just because we don’t use it… (in case you’re a person who has many turn-points in life. I guess you understand my point. Something you know might not mainly relevant to your career anymore. But still, you know it, it’s only that you have no stage to play it.)

And at this point of your life, you focus on something else that you might just leave that knowledge alone unintentionally. E.g. you may have the knowledge to design or build a house. But you cannot do it now because your life brings you somewhere else. What do we do with that knowledge that you’re specialized in?

That’s the question I keep asking myself more often. Because I have a few turning points as well. And I just felt that it’s useless just to leave the things I have learned and specialized there.

Plus, I would feel guilty if I let it becomes an ash with me when I die. So I have to think frequently about this.

My best guess is that if we cannot imply that knowledge by ourselves because of our condition at that point in life. The best way is to give away the knowledge. Keep it alive beyond our life…

Hence my quest is: to find the ways to share knowledge as much as possible.

Luckily, in this century there are many ways to start. And it can start with small…

Writing books and publish is one thing that I started doing it. But there’s more to do because we’ve learned so much and definitely we’ll be learning more and more until the end of our life. The learning process never stops. The human mind is the mind of wonder. Even you do not do anything about it, it tends to wander around by itself.

Writing is one of the best things you can do if you are a knowledgable person. Record it and share it with the world.

If you’re not a person who loves to record or write but loves speaking, for this era I would say YouTube might be a good way for you to share the knowledge.

And there are more i.e. blog, podcast, teaching, open online school. With the big idea, you can always start small..

Whatever you choose to do, I wish you happy and fun doing it.

Enjoy the journey!

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