We Are Not Here To Possess: Learn From Nature

The new season has begun.

Though my definition of ‘the new season’ means not only the transition of the weather. It means the point when & where people are awoken… and realized they are a part of nature, just like other livings on the earth…

Talking about the weather though is the easiest way to start a conversation with a new friend… 

And now I want to talk with you.

The latest winter was harsh. It was all covered with snow. Many livings suffered from a cold and dreadful winter. Some had gone dead. Some were made to survive…

Most parts of my garden were full of weeds, grasses, and inedible greens. Though I didn’t clean them all up. Attentionally, I left some of them to create the microenvironment for this area. 

Also because I am an imperfectionist and I accepted it warmly. (And I tend to do more imperfection-works.) At this moment I don’t intend to have a cleaned, weed-free garden.

Because life itself is not just black and white. It’s a ton of shades…

To live happily, peacefully and in harmony is to understand nature as a system.

Sometimes weeds help keep your garden alive. Some of them are foods and medicines for animals/organisms that you might not see them but they are there…

My purpose is to clean up a bit that humans like me can habitat harmonizingly together with all the livings in this area. 

The belief that humans are the only possessor of the world (, and at the top of the food chain) sounds ludicrous to me. Because the earth belongs not only to humans.

But it’s a home of all organisms, animals, and their friends long before us.

Hence, I consider that I’m here on this planet just to rent a place to live…

Well, I said ‘rent’ but it’s free.

This is the world of plants and animals. And they are so kind. That they let us stay and ask for nothing. 

Therefore, we must respect them as they are here before us. Even they ask for nothing but we should give back. At least, taking care of their home like your home. 

Learn From Nature

Think about it, when we die, there’s nothings we can bring with us.

We were born out of nothing, we will be gone with nix…

Definitely, law of nature teaches us that we are not here to possess anything. But yet we are abundant as nature is.

Nature is bountiful hence it provides.

We are in the system of nature. Therefore, we are abundant, hence we are supposed to provide, to give more.

Trees, animals do not hoard more than they need. Only humans feel too insecure, that they want to have everything to themselves. Since they are scared to lose this life. That’s only because we learn from the other humans before us instead of learning directly from nature…

We forgot that nature is our mother and we are protected. If we still live in the forest like in the beginning, we won’t lack food.

Unfortunately, we live in the modern world (we get rid of forests and build the concrete jungle instead). I can hardly say that humans are protected at this moment…

Do not be greedy humans that act so weird, asking for everything and thinking they own the world.

Instead of doing that, we should see that we are friends & family not only from human to human but together with all livings on this planet.

Be respectful, kind, and grateful…

Thanks for reading!

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