Garden of Philosophy

When the growing season started. I could take my mind off about the garden and my young plants easily.

Even in the past few days, it has been snowing here and the weather is too cold and windy to work outside. My mind is still working in the garden.

I would keep checking the weather many times a day waiting for the sun to shine and the warm weather. That’s annoying, isn’t it?

This is one form of attachment. Even with something that makes you happy. But once attachment is formed, the happiness seems to be blurry. Just like my state now.

I’m always excited about growing something in the garden. It sounds fun right? Yes, it is! And I really enjoy it.

But gradually the attachment is formed between your happiness and the task and/or the result, or whatever that you’re waiting for.

Instead of happiness, it becomes worrying.

Waiting is one form that telling you are attached to something. Hence your mind is not at peace.

I am reflecting on this. I do not say that attachment is not a good nor a bad thing. One could not even judge it. I would say it depends on your state of life.

However, one thing we (as a Buddhist) need to develop for sure (all the time and until the end of life) is ‘awareness‘.

Sati‘ (awareness mind) is the most important thing to practicing parallel with meditation.

In my view, practicing ‘Sati‘ is the most important than meditation (in terms of living life in this materialistic world.). You may ask why…

Here is an easy explanation.

  • Meditation is to focus on one thing, increase the power of the mind. On the other hand, meditation is also the process that you practice to slow down your mind and be able to see things clearly and understand them as they are (no judgment, no opinion, no ego, no you, no me, no mind, and nothing.)
  • Sati (awareness) is mindfulness, sensibility to see the whole truth (the sharpness of mind). To see things clearly, see the consequences thoroughly.

    It’s like a breaker when you driving a car.

    While you driving the car (the mind), you need full attention on the road. And your mind is alert for whatever would happen on the road and you can react rightly and quickly before an accident happens. That is the Sati. And it requires a lot of energy, that your mind awakes the whole time.

    But once a person master this state of mind. He/she becomes the wise. That’s where the wisdom begins. That’s why in the Buddhist culture, we have a saying ‘สติมา ปัญญาเกิด – The wisdom is where the Sati is presented’ ‘สติเตลิด เกิดปัญหา – Problem happens in the absence of Sati’

    That is the explanation why Sati is important to practice. It is the point where your life will be. Disaster or beautiful life. Accident or secure. One second of losing Sati (awareness, self-awareness, mind, mindfulness) will bring you the result that you might not like.

    Hence, no matter what you do, you need to bring Sati with you. It means knowing what you do. And when I say know what you do. I mean know the whole truth. Know all the consequences of that action that you make. Know all the deep + the wide and see from all the perspective. That’s ‘Sati

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