What I’m Up To In This Season And Welcome To My New Blog!

Except for the writing work.

This is one of the things I focus on this season.


I even have a special blog only for this subject alone. (You can visit here if you are a big fan of gardening, green, and of course, if you love planting your food. This space is especially for you.)

I am always interested in green life and sustainable living. Not only now but ever since. I remember in my childhood. We would plant our food in the backyard. I have to give full credit for this trait to my mum. Totally, she cultivated me of all the ideas of green life. Because she is a cultivator, agriculturist, planter. Whatever you want to call it. She’s all that kind of stuff. And that’s why I got this trait and interest from her. And she got this culture again from my grandparents. They are all farmers.

Not only that I like to see plants growing in my backyard. I also love spending time in the forest. Whenever I have a chance of doing it with the forest or activities with nature. I would be so happy and alive. I used to work voluntarily with the team of forest protection in Thailand.

On the weekend we would drive outside the city (Bangkok) even it would take us the whole day (from very early morning till late evening), we were happy to do it. Some weeks we were planting more plants into the edge area of the forest (to extend) the area.

Some weeks were not about planting more trees but building an earth-house (a house that built using soil (clay) + grass + water. We were building a huge room for Buddhists and Buddhist monks that people in that area can use for Buddhist activities. Not only because of its cheap cost to build one but it’s also sustainable and near to nature. You can even hear the house singing. 🙂

That’s how I have built. My mind goes for it and that’s because of my mom and my ancestors.

(Un)fortunately, now I moved to Germany. There’s nothing like that anymore. It’s not easy that people will do charity work except for some big foundation pay for it. (But back then, we did and we paid for our own expense. We paid for our travel costs and food. But we were all happy to do it. It’s a truly different motivation.)

By the way, my mind and my attention about sustainable living/lifestyle is still the same. I love my life to be this way. Even it’s not easy but whenever I have a chance, I would take it.

Lucky enough that my mother-in-law has the garden. But the past year she could not take care of it anymore because her mom is sick and need full attention. She could not leave anywhere outside the house.

So the garden work belong to us. I am fully taking care of this garden now.

Last year was the primary experiment of vegetable gardening. We made only one bed to plant veggies just to try how it went. It turned out there were plenty of slugs in the garden. (See full post)

Somehow we have got a lot to harvest as well. Bit by bit we learned which plants are resistant to the slugs and gave the pleasant products in the garden (even the area was used only for growing grass for pleasuring.) But it turned out giving food for us last year.

Now the new season began in Germany. I have plant to expand the area of growing food a bit bigger than the last year. Except for one bed, I would try to plant some plants outside the bed (the type that slugs hate). Then we will see how it goes!

Before ending this blog post. Here are some pictures of the flowers that revive after aggressive snowing last winter. Enjoy!!