Two Types Of Humankind: Decide Who You Want To Be

Despite the science of the human mind (psychology). People are divided into nine personality types.

But this thing happens because the experts try to explain and make people understand them even some of the personalities are disturbing.

We want people to forgive more easily by understanding the flaws that one could do.

On the other hand, we seem to have excuses to explain ‘I am who I am’ and ‘it’s me.’ It’s personality.

Some of the personality (and conditions) are classified to the disease.

The excuse grows bigger and the ‘me’ culture grows stronger as well.

Psychology is a good branch of knowledge though. It helps to cure some conditions e.g. depression. That I also knew some patients got cured by the treatment which I find great.

However, I still doubt some of the personalities/conditions that defining people’s behaviors will help them to improve themselves (or their life.)

Because many times we use this science to explain why I am an asshole. It’s not because of me, it’s the disease. That you have to understand me and forgive me for who I am.

I find this mindset does not do any good for the person as well as to society. Some of them do not destroy only themselves but the people around them, who have been hurt repeatedly and silently.

My question is not to raise the issue that if psychology is real science that helps people get better.

But if I will define people disregard the scientific method. I would like to look at the last day of each life.

After observing lives for more than 30 years of my life. (Well, my point does not fix though. Because as we grow older, our perspective would adjust according to the new information through our experiences.) But talk about now, where I am. I would define people into two major types only.

The one whom people will feel sad for and feel lost when they die. And the one is on the opposite side, people will not only get sad when they die but probably they will feel relief and even happier when a person dies.

You might probably think, gosh! no one would feel happy and joyful when someone dies. You should be sad.

That is only what society programmed you to feel and behave that way.

Let’s just talk about the truth. Think as if you are not judged by the external factor. If no one judges how you feel. I believe every one of us has that feeling that someone dies and we feel happy.

Just take the moment when you are watching a series or a movie where there are bad characters. You wish them to get justice, isn’t it?

Someone kills other people, and we all wish him/her to die as well. And when the killer dies, we feel like it’s happy and we feel relief.

In real life, it’s a little bit more complicated because we cannot express our true feelings when we are in a society that has a complexity of cultures, classes, etc.

But the truth is still there, that we are happy to see someone dies. And of course, we are sad when the one that we love and care for dies.

Therefore, I would simply divide people into two groups:

1) the one that you are happy when they die.

2) the one that you are sad about when they die.

Like most of my posts, my thinking is not about projecting on others but on ourselves.

Therefore, my question now arrives, which person do you want to be?

The one that people would feel sad and miss when you die. Or the person that people would feel truly happy and joy (like they have got a new life) when you die.

Consider, who you are today and who do you want to be tomorrow.

The sustainable way to improve yourself/your life is to think about your last day…