How To WordPress: Create Internal (anchor) Link Within The Article

Click on the topic you want to learn

What is the anchor link?

Anchor link is the link in the same page that brings you to specific topic or text. I like to call internal link just like those links above in this article under contents. When you click on the topic you are interested to learn. The link will direct you to specific topic inside the article.

Why do you need it?

In case you want to create a (long) informative article on your web page. And you want to help readers to easily find the specific information in that article. So you want to create something like a table of contents and link to each topic inside the article.

See in this post for example that I place the links in the beginning. Show readers the topics inside the content and they can select to read only the topic they want to learn.

The benefits of anchor links

It is beneficial especially for the readers in the area of the how-to, research, educating, and technical stuff.

For examples;

In the post, you would see that the internal links help readers to find specific information directly. Like in the book when you want to learn about something, you would browse through the topics and flip to that page. Read and take up the knowledge directly. This way is effective due to saving time and energy. It helps you get to the point just right away.

Therefore, in this compact article will show you how to anchor links within the article.

How to link title, text within the same article (internal link or anchor links) without a plugin

To create the anchor link (WordPress), see the picture below ⬇️

  1. Select the topic or text in the article that you want to link
  2. Copy and paste it to the HTML anchor box. This will automatically create the anchor
  1. Copy this anchor and link them to where you want by selecting the text/image you want to link them. Click the link symbol and placing the anchor after the prefix # (see the picture below ⬇️ )
  2. Enter, the link is now created!