Do You Have Anxiety? It Can Be A Good Sign Of Your Life.

Anxiety does not have to indicate a negative meaning. Consider it as a state of human emotion.

Anxiety is one of the signs telling us ‘something is going to happen.’

It is something in the future. That we do not know if it ‘will’ or it ‘will not’ really happen.

Our mind, somehow, seems to sense that before us. Hence you feel uncomfortable, unwell, and worried.

Sometimes your body starts to react to that emotion. You feel like you are getting sick, headache, and it seems to not function well.

That state indicates your mind is living in the future.

For that, you feel uncomfortable.

Once you are aware of that. Then you see it. It will shy away as well as other emotions.

Whenever you look at them, they will shrink.

Emotions are playful but shy.

They love the ‘hide and seek’ game.

Talking about negative emotion.

We tend to believe that anxiety indicates something negative.


Does it have to be true?

As far as I know. It is ‘yes’ and ‘no.’

We all know the negative side of why we have anxiety.

Today I will skip that part. And we will go straight to,

Why I think anxiety indicates something good

As explained above, anxiety is one of those emotions including uncomfortableworriedconfused, and unsecured.

It naturally happens when we face negative situations.

But these feelings also happen when we are in the state of ‘transition.’

Now when we talk about transition. This is a big word.

It sounds easy but it is complex.

Because the word transition means you are going to enter a new state of life.

It might be the state that you are newly graduated.

It might be that you get the first job ever or change to a new job for a people who already have one.

Sometimes this anxiety feeling just happens before you know it (before you know that you will get a job offer.) That is a mysterious thing that we do not know how our mind knows the consequence before us. It seems so powerful, isn’t it? 🙂

It truly does.

Our mind knows and signals to us in a form of ‘anxiety’ telling us about the future.

It also the form of influence on your future.

Yes, it indicates that something is going to happen.

But the fact is: that thing happened already the first time in your mind.

If you follow that thought and believe it. That will create your physical world. However, if you against that thought, it will not happen.

That is the state of transition.

And it is not a one-time action, it acquires your authority many times before it will be creating into reality.

That is why I said it is complex.

And the complexity makes you feel uncomfortable, confused, scattered, and it draws your energy.

If you know anxiety means something positive, then why are you still feeling anxiety?

This state requires your authority to make a decision and to create your reality.

And your mind knows you have the power to control it.

That is why you are getting anxious. Because you know that your decision dictates your future.

You know that you are the boss of your life. And you want to make it in the best way, to get the best result. You want to make it work out nicely.

The problem is that you do not know what will bring after one decision.

Then that moment, the anxiety shows up. Because you might stick too much to the result instead of enjoying the process of making a decision.

In another word, maybe you are afraid of your own power.

My suggestion:

Do not be scared of the future.

Do not be afraid of change.

Whether negative or positive feelings you will have towards the change. It will always happen.

Take a time for an example. It changes every second.

Nature changes every second. Our cells get older every second.

Things are changing all the time. It is might be too common and that might make us ignorant about change. But it is always there.

When you are aware that ‘change’ is normal.

Your mind will feel a little more relaxed.

Making any decision becomes easier for you.

If the feeling of anxiety comes. then ask yourself ’what is it that I am worried about?

Write it down and sort out the solutions and make a decision base on the resources you have.

Remember change is always happen. And nothing will stay forever as well as the result of your decision.

They will also be changed again in the future. So never scared of making a mistake decision.

It will change again anyway.

Good luck!