Manager Or Consumer? The Internet Is Now Your Leverage

After the previous blog post about the top one people, Working Hard Is Not An Answer To Wealth. That I shared interesting information about the gap between income and productivity. And the income gap between the low- vs a high-income group of people. I stated that wealthy people work as hard as the middle- or low-income group. However, there is a difference among them that is the wealthy people have the thing that other class not have (or less likely to have). That is the stock investment.

However, many readers are interested to know more, what makes you wealthy. That post above is not clear of what you should do. So I shared another blog post on If You Want To Be Wealthy, Think And Do As Wealth People Do. I shared the idea of what wealthy people think and do. And I shared the four paths to get you to get into the wealthy group. And it IS POSSIBLE to everyone, truthfully.

But there is a gap between the low- and middle-income group and the top 1% or 0.1, 0.01% rich people know and do.

Today we are going to connect the dot about that a little bit more. To fill up your imagination and make your dream swollen bigger. : )

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First, I want you to look at this graph again. What question do you have after seeing it?

How could we have unstoppable productivity with limited compensation, right?

Is it that we really do more?

Is it that we really have done more than in the past?

The answer to that is a yes, we have done more, better, and faster than in the past.

But it is a no to the Q: Is it that we really do more?


As you see the gap start around 1973 and become obvious after 1979. Is there any trigger your thought on that?

Well, I had some fascinating thoughts about it when I saw the graph. As I mentioned I also have the same questions and wonders as you do.

But I also observe that when people say they are busier than before. It’s also true but also a lie.

I meant people are busier these days, not because they have to work more to get the same quality of life. That is not the case.

The truth is they are busier because they have more choices, more to choose. That means more things to think about, more things to consider. And it becomes overwhelmed by thinking only because of too many choices.

We have too many distractions these days as the age of information and digital arrived.

Yes, we work harder in terms of using our intelligence, operation, and management skills but not the same type of hard work as the ancient people did.

Even we have done our work more (being more productive) but the compensation maintains the same. Because we don’t actually do more. But we have done more with the help of technology.

The power of leverage

Why did the split start at that time (1973)?

What happened around that time that makes the productivity shooting to the star.

1973–1989: Merging the networks and creating the Internet

1972 – it started with Robert Kahn recruited Vinton Cerf to work together on the problem, they finally developed Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol, or TCP/IP, a communications model that set standards for how data could be transmitted between multiple networks (with the help of the team during this time).

By 1973, these groups had worked out a fundamental reformulation.

Robert Kahn and Vinton Cerf published their ideas in 1974.

1983 – ARPANET adopted TCP/IP, researchers began to assemble the “network of networks” that became the modern Internet.

1989–2004: Rise of the global Internet, Web 1.0

1990 – computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web.

After that, the Internet has had a revolutionary impact on culture, commerce, and technology. And the internet involves every area of human’s living including the rise of instant communication by email, messaging, video chat. Moreover, the information spreads widely via discussion forums, blogs, social networks, and online shopping.

Now that is the hint of the top 1% people know. They have internet access in hand and see this as an opportunity. They use this internet as a tool of leverage instead of people and only the machines to help the production.

The internet is used as leverage in the advertisement and increasing sales as it delivered the information worldwide and within a second.

You can also see that gap between the productivity and compensation increased by the time of internet was developed. Because some jobs/businesses require less human. And some of them require only a people to operate some easy tasks.

Since technology and the internet becomes a big part of our life. We have more leverage in getting works done by doing less.

Then the difference among low-, middle-income and wealthy people is also interpreted to how different you use the internet.

Do you use it as a tool?

Are you the manager/operator/user or the consumer?


Is there anything on this topic you want to add or want to explore more.

Comment below, I will do my best to study and transfer information to you.

Thanks for reading!