The Power Of Journaling: This Is How Writing Heals You

Journaling slows down your mind. It unwinds your thoughts.

This is how the journal works.

It helps you realize what you know as well as what you do not know about yourself.

Writing is one of the effective methods to practice mindfulness.
It put your mind into a trance state.

Moreover, writing on paper creates harmony between your soul, mind, and body.

It works the same way as you do yoga and other mindful exercises whether sitting or walking meditation.

Because writing helps your mind and your body working at the same pace while you write on paper.

A few days ago I also shared the thought on my personal blog about handwork.

Handwork decreases conflict in your mind.

I stated that any works with hand or any part of the body helps decrease conflict in our mind. And it is healthy for your soul. While technology helps us work faster and be more productive. Because there are many leverages that benefit us.

For example, writing a book. These days, we write mostly on the computer instead of on paper. Because it helps us work faster.

Moreover, some people even do not touch the keyboard because we have many leverage tools (apps) to transcribe our talking into the script. You only need to talk, save, do a little editing, then copy, and paste.

Technology truly helps us being productive and puts more value.
On the other hand, this might kill us slowly, quietly, and unintentionally.

As well as, once we have the navigator. Our mind is ignorant to recognize the directions. Because we know that we have the aid from navigator technology.

While the technology moves forwards, many times we found that our attention and capability of doing easy things recoil.

I do not against the development of technology.

I cherished it indeed. Because it helps us save lives like the advanced medical technology.

It helps spread education into the backcountry, where is far from prosperity with the help of the internet.

It helps us bring more equality by spreading useful information and lead to help people who are in unsafe situations.

These days, we see through the world within a second. And we could reach help at the tip of our fingers. And many more.

But we should be aware that things always have two sides like a double-edged sword.

While technology helps us go fast-forward.

It also drags us away from naturalness by the definition of biology.

So use it right and properly.

We should have a purpose in mind that we use technology to help make our lives better.

Do not let it uses us. And turned yourself into a slave of technology.

As I see this is one of the notable problems, we, as a human are facing today.

That our mind works too fast. And we receive too much information each day.

If you do not do unwind it, it causes you information overload.
Which ultimately causes your health (mind & body) in the long run.

So I have a new project planning out today to keep people practicing mindfulness each day in the simplest way.

I can tell you now that it is a mindfulness journal (notebook). Unfortunately, I have to tell you that it will not be launch this year. It is a research-based product.

The aim of the journal mainly focuses on the emotional improvement of its user.

And it will be in the hardcopy format because I want people to bring themselves close to nature. That means work-out your mind in harmony with your hands (your body).

Right now I am designing this journal, doing research about emotion and the use of this journey. It will be a journal for 2022 so the product launch will be a few months shortly before the end of this year (2021). That also means I have more than enough trials and errors to make it work best for its users.

And I will be the first customer who uses it as a trial because I want to understand the user’s experience.

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