Four Elements In Life That You Got For Free: Things To Be Grateful For

Growing as a kid in the Buddhist culture is blessed.

I have been learning the principle of living life as a Buddhist since my childhood.

As I’m writing now. I’m grateful that my family had cultured this kind of Philosophy in me ever since.

Today I am sharing the basic principle of life. That everyone knows but sometimes might not aware of it. Because we are too busy to work or to make a living.

So this blog will be a good reminder of the basic elements of life.

That we all got but cannot completely control.

These four elements are: born, aging, sickness, and death.


You were born to your parents. You got this life for free.

You could not choose who would be your parents.

You could not select when and where you want to be born.

You cannot also choose to not be born as well.

Your life was given. Be grateful for it and live it well.


You grew and grow older day by day.

Even we have many technologies to slow down the aging process.

But the fact that life is ascent and will be decent still true.

It is a part of nature.


Every life will cross this event one day. Before it will decent to the next state.


The last stage of life that everyone got since we were born. 

You might choose when to die but you cannot choose to insist, not to die as well as when you were born.

All of these four elements are called a cycle of life.

This life you have got. 

It comes in a package. 

You might manage how you want to live it.

But you cannot select to discard one.

Live this life well, happily, and meaningful.