Reflection On Life – Death: Tale From The Ancient Times

A woman was crying to die since her son departed.

She ran mourning from her house to the Buddha and requested him to bring her dead son alive again.

Buddha said,

“I’ll fulfill your wish but may I ask you a favor? You must go find a house where no family member dies. Come back to me when you find one and I will make your son alive again.”

A woman then ran through the village and knocked door after door.

“Our son just died.”

“My mother just died two weeks ago.”

“My grandpa passed away a year earlier.”

Every house she went,

answered ‘someone has passed away.’

Until she knocked on the last door in the village,

“My father has passed away last week.”

After discovered that none were free from death.

She then realized die is only natural.

It is part of every life.

She accepted,

and stopped crying for her son’s life.