Is Germany A Really Safe Place For Women?

While people around the world got effect by the COVID-19 pandemic. A small group of women gets an additional issue that ripped off their lives.

While you are scared to die of CIOVID-19. More than 100,000 women in Germany alone are life-threatening living with their partners.

While the government has made the campaign “stay at home” and lockdown. These women are abandoned. They cannot go out to stay with friends. Plus, their partners can control their life every move. This situation makes it harder for them to get help.

Why do I raise this topic?

Yes, I’m angry!

I am living in Germany. Honestly, today is not the first day that I noticed this issue. I just never pinned point to it because from what I saw, it might be only my personal opinion.

But today I witnessed it and it’s not only me alone.

The graph you see here is the number of domestic violence cases of women who were killed by their partners in 2018.


The first place belongs to Germany.

What is your thought when seeing that number?

The data above is only showing the number of victims who died. But we still do not talk about the physical and emotional abuses or sexual violence!

And the reporter stated that it was only 33% of the cases were recorded. 67% were getting abuses silently.

Everybody says Germany is a safe place to stay. I doubt that after seeing this.

Well, maybe it is true, except inside your home.

Do you think Germany has done a good job helping women?

Then look at this data below.

The number of domestic violence victims continues rising each year in Germany.

Where can a woman get help?
From what I could find, women can get help and stay in the woman shelter but the problem is: it’s always full!

This is only the overview that I want us to see how bad the situation is right now. 

And I want to know how the government or public section will help this out.

Is there a solution to this? Or is it just get ignored?

I have read news from 2018, the case of a young doctor. She was a 35-year doctor, stabbed by her ex-partner in front of her house.

This is very sad.

Hence, my question today is:

Is Germany a really safe place for women to stay?


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