Unsubscribe To Newsletters: Survivor In The Digital Age

I once blogged about The World Without Email on the theme Survivor Of The Digital World.

I gave an opinion that email and digital technology ease us. It helps us do the work faster, reducing complicated processes, and paperwork.

On the other hand, if we don’t handle it well. It will handle us.

Unsubscribe to email lists

It’s the same as when you were in primary school that you learned all the things they offered. Then you had outlearned, you needed to move to a higher level and learn new things. 

The same principle applies when you subscribe to any email lists.

If you outlearn from that sources. The only thing you have to do is: move yourself to somewhere else where you can learn more. Find the place where it adds more value to help you grow.

As a reader position.

Even we love that book but we don’t keep reading it over and over again within the same period. (Maybe some of the readers reread the same book to recall some ideas. Somehow when we’re full from that book. We find other books to read.)

But the point is, it’s okay to not stick only to your favorite writers or influencers.

As a writer position

We appreciate your supports truthfully. But we also want you to be opened.  

What you have to do to better your life, do that. 

And it won’t hurt us at all.

We are happy even more to see you grow. 😃

Keep growing! 

Personal Note

I shared my idea on the post that we should sort and manage our inbox regularly. And I did it today!

After managing to publish my book a few days ago. Now I have more free time to manage my stuff.

The first thing I wanted to do is maintaining my inbox.

I do what I said, so today I unsubscribed to six newsletters that I rarely read. 

I removed myself even from the sources that I wanted to learn from them. But when I read the email, it turns out too pushy and it’s overwhelmed. 

However, I keep myself to a few newsletters that I enjoy reading them. As it triggers my thought on the topics I’m interested in at the moment (and it could change when we grow older. And that’s not wrong.)

I will share with you in the next post which email lists I find helpful and joyful. Maybe you will like them too. 😉

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