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Summary: 10 ideas from the book

To give you an idea of what my book is about. I am sharing 10 ideas of my book here.


We are living in a new era, where technology is a big part of human life. Everyone lives the day mostly on a smartphone. Your market is on the phone and it is huge. You can reach readers globally.


We all know that education is important. It is the foundation of the righteous mind.

Therefore, we should courage people to keep learning and read books. Since the attention now goes on the phone.

Why don’t we feed books on their phone and get people educated?


Now is the time that everyone can help society create a new education system using the internet.

If you know something or/and be an expert in any subjects. You can now share your knowledge with people universally. This will help people get educated on a specific topic without paying an expensive fee.


To be a successful writer, think about series of books instead of writing only one book.


Getting your book published is not complicated liked it used to be. Traditionally, your book has to be perfect, flawless before entering the market. But these days you can edit, update, get improved while your book is on the market.


You don’t have to pay a great cost (upfront) during the process and be worried if your book will get sold after. You can publish your book with no contract, no complicated process. And you can set your own deadline.


The creative and chaotic idea is overlapped. If you think you lack creativity, then try chaotic thinking.


Creativity is easy. Productivity is harder. Because being productive needs energy. You have to put in the energy to work your creativity into productivity.


Writer influences society. Be conscious of what you feed them.


If you dream to publish your book, have a voice, and make an impact. This is the right time. Take your opportunity and make it happen!

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