The Natural Process: How to form ideas on your writing

I remember someone asked me last year, where did I get the ideas to write on each topic?

I didn’t answer so well back then because it was a surprising question. I’ve never got asked about my writing before, plus I didn’t expect it.

After that, I wondered about my quick answer that ‘it came from my past experiences.’ I came back home and my mind stuck with that. I thought that wasn’t quite a correct answer.

So one day I sat down quietly and tried to chain my thoughts around it.

Where did I get ideas to write on various topics?

With my notebook and a pen in my hand, I wrote down the question in the first line.

Followed by the arrow down, then it was written.

“It started while I was questioning about that topic.”

Then followed by another arrow down, beside the arrow was written.

“Where was the question come from?”

Then I wrote, “From my curiosity when I looked at them with a different perspective.”

Again followed by the arrow and question, “well, where was the curiosity form?”

I wrote my answer,

“Because what I saw, usually showed some conflicts to the fact. It was the natural learning process of a child. A child would always have lots of questions because that’s the process of nature. A child’s brain was built to learn by observing and questioning. It’s just natural.”

“The right question could be that how can we be that child? How to be curious about anything.”

From my perspective, everything always has two sides or more. For example, if we talk about the truth. There will always have more than one, whether it’s objective or subjective, or relative.

When I look at things around. My mind often sees the conflicts. It recognizes more than two (or more) sides of facts.

When I observed things, some of them opposed my belief. That made me wonder which one was right.

First, I would question myself if I was right or wrong? And what was the fact? How to think properly?

Then it would lead me to do researching and finding the answer.