The Power Of Pretending: Love Yourself Enough To Do This

I shared in my story that I wasn’t taught and made to be an artist. 

But I was pretending to be one and that turned my artist ego awakened.

No. 40 Wild Thing

It is the same principle that successful people (in any business) apply.

At the beginning process of doing something. We are all starting from a ‘have no idea‘ to be ‘expert‘ in our chosen field.

To start and stay on the path, we need the skill of ‘pretending‘ to carry us to the end goal.

Probably, you ended up here because you’re reading my book.

Sure that you want to write a book and becoming a writer, and an author of bestselling books.

So I want you to do the same from now on.

Which is pretending that you are a bestselling authorprofessional novelist, and all the kinds of authors that you want to be.

If you want to play that role, you have to act you are one.

You have to set your mind to it and truly believe it.

Talk to yourself every day that “I am a great …(fill with your end goal)…”

This is yet the easiest thing to do but people are reluctant to commit to doing it.

You might feel insecure saying that. Well, that is the point.

If you want to succeed in any business. You have to do what you don’t feel like doing it as well. Because this is the recipe of getting success and none can escape this path.

The point of doing this is to get you comfortable with any challenging situations in life. Whatever came across your way. You need to have this skill and be able to play it right away.

The skill of believing.

Right, this is not the ‘pretending’ anymore. It’s deeper than that.

Pretending is just the beginning step to the BELIEVING level.

The big fire is always started with a tiny spark.

You just need to start some small action to make a big result.

Pretending is the same as that spark. Start small and when it burns, that will give you so much energy through your days, months, and years. And it lights up your darkest day as well.

Do it! To ignite your light with this tiny action.

Here is how you do it. The first moment when you wake up freshly in the morning. You say “I am a great writer of all time!

And every day affirms with yourself that “I write the most compelling essays!”

I am sending out the loving messages to the world!

I am a bestselling author!”

That should bring you the motivation to work the day and along the way to your launch day.

And you can apply this principle to all professions and businesses that you want to succeed. Because it is a universal method.

Back to where I was in 2019.

When I was doing the art challenge, I didn’t’ speak out (through my mouth) that affirmation, to be honest. But that didn’t mean I didn’t do it.

I did!

In my mind, my heart was shouting out loud every moment I start putting my first line on the paper.

It shouted every moment I colored the picture.

Those pictures are the result of pretending to be an artist, want to be, and finally, BE IT.

And I could do that because my voice was in the highest volume. I could hear every word in my head that I couldn’t hear the noise from the outside.

But if the voice in your head is still too soft, you need to say it out loud to really hear it by your ears. Later on, your inner volume would get louder and louder.

With writing, you want to do the same.

Saying “I am are an awesome writer.”

Telling that “I am writing an outstanding piece.”

While writing, never drops that voice, never doubt about your potential, because you ARE!

Do this to build up your belief system.

Later you can let the system runs by itself.

But first, you need to program it. And you have to program the best system for yourself.

Oh…and this reminds me of a piece of paper. There was a sentence written in my note “Ich bin Verffassermeister!”

Means I’m a writing master!

And I never doubt that.