A New Strategy On My Twitter: This Sparks My Joy!


My curiosity doesn’t stop!

I joined Twitter on 11 January 2021.

Today is the day 12th of my account.

I glanced at the number of my tweets.

So far I tweeted 93 times.

93 tweets/12 days

That equals about 8 tweets/day.

At this moment that I’m working on my book. I prefer not being an active user.

By the way, the idea just popped when I saw my tweet number.

I have a new goal/challenge about my Twitter account.

Many people might set goals for engaging the new followers. Some might want to set a goal for 10K followers this month or 100K by the end of this year.

I want differently.

I want to build my platform with valuable content.

So my goal for Twitter is not to the follower.

My attention goes to my tweet.

At the time I write this post. I have a mark of 8 tweets/day.

That is 240 tweets/month.

I would plan to experiment with this for three months in total.

That means I should have 720 in total after.

But I would top it up to 1,000 instead!

12 days were gone, I have 78 days left to reach 1,000 tweets!

So here’s my plan.

Aim: To put more great content on my account

How: I have to tweet at least 13 t/day everyday (I love 13!)


  • Short-term: 1,000 tweets by 11th April 2021.
  • Long-term: 4,000 tweets by 31st December 2021.

Then I can look back and be proud of my productivity.

For the follower, I wanted to blind my eyes for that. I cannot focus on two things at the same time.

Plus I feel freer to put the content when I don’t look at followers.

I want to have my eyes on building my content (and it will become my book).

If they like my content, they will follow. 

If no follower, it means my content is not for them.

The content will find its followers. Like the ring finds its owner.

So today I noted this for myself to look back and keep track. I will come back with a report.

I also wonder how it will go from here. So let’s keep curious together!

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