Where Is The New Idea From? Find your creativity!

This was my personal experience I would share.

It was when I was doing my thesis work. I needed to develop a proposal and thinking about the project to start.

My advisor always encouraged me to create something new. The new idea that would breakthrough the field.

After thinking about idea after idea, one day I went to talk with my advisor.

We sat privately in the room. It was quiet. I was a bit nervous because I had no idea what I was doing.

I present my new idea to my advisor that I would do this because of this…

After several times I brought the topics, my advisor said to me just one sentence. And that stuck in my head forever!

Let’s say it’s in my heart (no worries, nothing harsh here.)
He said,

anything you think, everybody had been already thinking and done that before you.”

I was stunned and did not know what to say next.

I was silent and just went into my head. ‘Right, nothing is new.’

You have to create something new.” He said again.

After that afternoon, I went back to my dorm and was thinking about what he said.

It was true and nothing more truthful than this.

Back then I did not understand though what does ‘new idea’ actually means.

Everything we think is already taken.

I was deeply in that question a lot.

Where are the new ideas come from and how can I form one?

And it’s still true until today. That what we think, everybody also thinks and people have been also thinking about it.

There are no new ideas that are completely created from zero!

My advisor knew this the whole time but did not explain any bit of it. He simply was like this to me (I meant, to every advisee under his supervision.) He would rarely tell, but ask instead.

New ideas are something that extends from what humans had created before!

So where are the new ideas from is might not be the right question.

The question is how could we do it better?

How can we top that up?

How can we find the problem out there to solve it?

How can we see it?

Seeing the problem is seeing a new idea.

So just try to see the problem because that is where the new idea beings.

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