Top Secret To Write and Get Your Book Published!

First, you should ask yourself why do you want to write a book.

Do you want to write just because you see other people are writing?

Or do you get inspired by your favorite writer and wanted to write like him?

Or you just happened to love the writing process?

Or do you really have a strong message that you want to share?

The message that you learned in life. The one you see that it is very important and someone should know about it.

The message that might change someone’s life, especially the one who might face the same situation as you.

The message that you might be able to speak freely in your own circumstance. And you find a way to express it.

The message that you find it useful. That people would benefit from it.

The message that you want to tell your kid when you have one.

The message that you want to left it for someone to read when you leave this world.

Do you have any of that?

That’s the reason why you should write a book already.

I will tell you today. There is nothing like the secret of writing your book and finally get it published. But it seems like it because you did not see it most of the time.

The secret is that “you know exactly how to write.”

You know how to tell a story.

You know how to communicate in your way.

You know how to think and imagine.

You know all kinds of that!

You know all the elements that all the writers know about writing a book.

The problem is you are not confident enough to put yourself out there and say this is my work!

Are you afraid of getting judgment?

Here is the thing.

Getting judgment and critiques is normal. Well, I don’t want to say that. But it’s true.

People are always scared of getting bad comments. The truth is it’s almost impossible to avoid.

On second thought, if everyone agrees with you about everything.

How boring the world would be? If everyone thinks the same, do the same, where will the new ideas be created?

Some comments are scary I know.

But I observed everyone who I met in my life, literally everyone.

None of them has had zero judgment from others.

Every human or even animal and tree on this earth got judgment.

Don’t be scared.

People are always weird!

Whatever you do, you will always be in a position where someone can critique whatever is in their mind.

Which it might be true or not, no one knows except you!

So just do what you have to do and get it done.

If it’s not good enough.

Do the second time and make it better.

Still not satisfied.

Do the third time and make it even better.

It’s simple like this.

And all of that, some people have the ideas oppose you. In reverse, many have similar thoughts out there too!

Or maybe you are afraid that your idea is nothing new. Is that correct?

So let’s take an example about my book. Of course, this is not a completely new idea at all.

There are tons of books about writings and motivations for becoming an author. Plus, all of the how-to stuff on the internet which many of them are free.

But look at the reality now. Why are people still wandering around finding the course, books, and materials to learn how to write?

Even we actually know how to write exactly.

The true problem is just in our mind that you are not confident enough to do so.

People who read a lot of how-tos. They probably know everything already the whole time. But why there are always rooms for this stuff to fill in the market?

Because people are looking for something that ensures them that they can do, guarantee them that it is possible.

Doing the work itself is nothing, just write what you know and tell people what and how you know it.

But the big obstacle is people lack confidence.

They are so insecure.

How do you tell if you feel insecure to start doing something?

That is easy, the insecure mind always looks for something to learn. It craves to know everything before starting.

Because they are afraid to get hurt!

So what we see today is that people want to write a book. Many are dreaming of it. But what we found is they are always busy to learn, learn and learn.

Are you learning too much?

Probably yes, if you learn and you do not use what you already knew.

If you feel that you just want to find something new to learn more.

Yes, I tell you again. You learn too much.

You already know everything about how to write and get published.

Learning is never ended. We all know that.

We all are enjoy learning. But it is a separate part of creating the work.

When should you be learning?

Only when you start doing the work and then at some point, you found a problem along the way.

That is the right time you need to learn more.

That is the time telling you that you learn too little of what you need.

But what I see here, people just love learning and expecting to do the work.

They want to learn everything before getting their hands dirty, which will get you nowhere.

My secret to you today is.

Stop finding the course, books, or materials on how to write and publish your book. It’s outdated already.

In the digital age, people are doing and failing thousands of times. And it costs nothing. It hurts nothing. Instead, they learn almost everything from the process.

Why scared?

This time is the best time to learn in real life, real situations.
Because the internet and technology allow you to rise and falls. And it happens fastly as well.

This is the right time if you want to do any business. You must do it now!

If you want to write a book. Write it now!

Do you know by writing only 1,000 words can get you to publish already?

It’s call flash story or short story. If you are scared but still want to try. Do that first.

Then upload it on Amazon together with other online book markets like Barnes & Noble, Nook, Apple, Kobo, Gumroad, Shopify, etc.

If you are a great storyteller, you got the golden hands of doing the short story. You can make tons of series. This would be a fantastic business for you.

Remember your first purpose in doing this, is to know how the whole process works. You will find it actually super easy and enjoyable. The big point for you is confidence.

You build that up every time you do like I said.

1,000 words paragraph is not much at all. It was just a few pages.
It was like you write essays in school.

See, how easy it is!

So stop looking for a how-to, just do it now!

If you read my message until here, just go do it now!

I don’t care you will read my book until the end or not, just do it now!

If you got ignited and feel that you cannot just sit still anymore, you want to turn on your computer or pick a paper to write, just do it now!

If you do that, I am already happy that my message has done its job perfectly.

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