That Shit On Your Rooftop!

I sat on a chair in the living room that faced eastward of my house.

I was eating on my plate, a moment I looked up, my eyes were gazing through a wide window to the opposite house.

The thick snow was melting on the rooftop.

A random thought brought me back to the garden, somewhere between summer last year.

When we drove through to a forest into our allotment, I would look around attentively because it was a nice mountain area with a slope. It was beautiful to celebrate the combination of nature, trees, birds, and lovely houses around the area.

I often looked up at the rooftop of any houses that we would drive by.

I would see dirt, dried leaves (which become soil later), and some green moss growing.

Sometimes it would have a small plant growing up there because birds probably have eaten fruits, seeds, and shit on the rooftop.

As I was sitting here inside my house, glancing at another house’s rooftop, while I did not see the rooftop above my head.

This event happens all the time in the human’s mind.

We often see other people’s flaws easily and clearly than in ourselves.

The truth is that every one of us has some flaws, but rarely care to see them in us.

It is just because we are sitting inside this house and don’t see our rooftop.

That does not mean our rooftop is clear of some dirt and all bird’s shit.

While you project your views and opinions on others, did you ever have some moment to look over your rooftop?

It is comfortable to sit in the house and say,

“hey, your rooftop is dirty. It’s full of shit!”

On the other hand, you do not think to go out and see your roof.

Why is that?

Because people are neglecting!

It’s easy to ignore things about yourself. Since it’s comfortable and convenient. You don’t have to fight or put any energy to do the work.

But staying in your comfort space does not bring you anywhere better.

If you want to have a better life,

a happier life,

a peaceful life,

and succeed in your own business*.

You have to care more about your own business.

*I need to clarify the term of business that I use. It might not have the same meaning as others. Your business doesn’t have to be some kind of money or material asset-related but security in mind, happiness, sufficiency, and peace. It depends upon what you are pursuing, values, and personal goals in life.

I don’t say that you only need to stop projecting on others, but look on your rooftop, look inside your house, look inside yourself.

Is there anything to tidy up?

Are there somethings you must throw away?

Is there any part you have to fix and make it better?

Are there any rooms that need to be improved?

Check yourself more often.

I know it’s hard to stop having an opinion on the outside.

But once you do that, try to look back at yourself at the same time.

You look at others, to look at yourself.

Use other’s flaws as a mirror to reflect yourself.

Once you notice something that needs to improve, do it right away.

Because waiting is also neglecting!

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