The World Without Email

I think it’s harder if no email is available, especially for an immigrant. Let’s look around Europe and America. Email is a vast lifesaver for citizens. People are moving around like a flow of water.

Physical mail vs. Email

If you move to somewhere else across the country or the continent in the old-time, your (physical) mailbox at the new address would be empty. No one reaches you with useless news, advertisements, etc. Only something essential will be delivered. While these days, wherever in the world you move to. You will still get loads of emails direct to your digital box.

Basically, email makes your life easier. Plus, it eases companies who do business and transactions across the country. It’s way breezier than before.

My Experience with old-time mail delivery

Imagine if we have to do any transactions with the old methods across the continent. This must be a huge pain to do so, not only it’s slow but it costs a lot of money as well.

I can tell that because I had direct experiences with this stuff. I used to do business with the German government. They required hard copies. So I sent the mail across from Asia to Germany. The fastest mail could be delivered is in the next morning by airmail. And that was so expensive. If you could not afford that amount, then your documents will be delayed for days (might be a week). Plus, it costs more than sending a digital email.

After that, if the business needs a confirmation letter (in physical format). Again you have to wait until you get a reply from the business partner on the other side. Long waiting time for a letter was an exciting moment, except for when you found out that they report back that the document you sent was invalid, uncorrected, etc.

Of course, you have to repeat it. That also means huge time-consuming plus mentality cost. You would feel like eternal.

As I live in another country where is far from my home country that I spent 30 years of my life. Imagine all my bank accounts, credit cards, stock & funds accounts, etc. It would be tough for the company and me (I might have to pay extra for the mailing cost) if they have to send the reports in physical formats across the continent. (Which usually, they don’t do that, only within the country.)

The new form of communication

I considered myself lucky. That I’m in these periods where the internet, email, video call, online meeting platforms are available. Many companies deploy online services. Whenever I want to do business with any firms back in my homeland (or in the new country). I don’t feel so heavy, stressed, hectic, and all kinds of that. Thanks to the presence of the internet and email.

Also, many banking services have to adapt to live in the digital age as well. I’m glad it’s happening this way.

Including banks and investment brokers in Germany is complete zero paperwork. Well, not complete zero like no physical mail at all. But they will send only the necessary letter like a card and pin number, etc. Other than that, we have done all online processes via emails and video calls (to confirm identity.)

Downside or Delusion?

I heard that people are overwhelmed by a load of emails that one receives per day.

That’s because you might be subscribed to too many services that you might not need it.

Why did you do that?

Here is the big point, humans are trained (by society and the craving in mind (the signal in your brain) tells you that you need to survive). It tells us that “to have better than lack.”

You are told to grab whatever chances come your way. But unaware that not everything is relevant in your life’s purposes. That’s why you chose to take it all at first, just to not feel regret.

At some point, you realize that your digital mailbox is filled with 50-100 mails a day already (that might be the minimum amount for some people.)

This is a real catastrophe. Because most emails in your digital mailbox are unnecessary like advertisements, campaigns. Full of things that are unrelated to your personal business.

Congrats to you who don’t have this problem!

“Your peaceful mailbox reflects your peaceful mind.”

Should you be using email?

Of course, yes! No question about that.

Having an email is essential if you are doing transactions with other humans daily. Because it’s convenient, easy, and cheap (it’s free). But be aware that not every mail in your mailbox is significant.

What you can do now is learn to manage, sort them or unsubscribe from a mail list that you don’t do business with. Cancel it if it doesn’t help you with any concerns.

Plus, next time, do not register in every campaign that you find good (good does not mean necessary). Register only to what you truly need, the one that will help you and benefit your life instead of overwhelming yourself.

Remember this,

“A man who leads their life and thoughts with sufficient is a happy man.”

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